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                                                    QUESTIONS :-


          About Smart Tech ?

          Smart Tech Solutionz :

           We focus on you and your technology. Whether it’s staying connected to your

           world, needing a new computer or parts, or even in on your technology skills,

           we’ve got you covered. By providing world class technology support, device

           security, we hope to make it a little easier to get all the technology needs that you

           have from one place. How it really works ?Is PC Optimization Software that

           diagnoses and fixes Computer issues Like :- Causing Slowness, Crashes and

           Freezes, Pop-ups and blue screens etc. Then The company offers a free diagnostic

           tool, which you can download in minutes to scan for issues leading to common

          computer problems.After the free scan,You have the option to activate the full

         version, which includes Antivirus software.

 Q1.  What is computer technical support ?


Ans:-   Computer technical support is a type of assistance that is given to computer

             users, as a result of needs or problems that may arise with the software

             and with the hardware of their computers,networks etc. Technical

             Support will also support computer software integration by diagnosing and

             troubleshooting common problems.   

Q2.    Is Smart Tech Solutionz  safe?

​Ans :- Smart Tech Solutionz is a safe option but cannot guarantee results;   

              improvements vary depending on your computer’s condition. Smart Tech

              Solutionz is part of Real Defense LLC, which offers software for

              cleaning and protecting computers. If you aren’t sure why your computer’s 

              performance is poor, you can get a free scan and diagnosis from Smart Tech

             Solutionz. The company also offers paid features,including a system    

             optimizer, tech support and adware and registry cleaner.

Q3.   What does Smart Tech Solutionz  do?

Ans :-   Smart Tech Solutionz scans your computer for issues that lead to

               slowness and poor function. The free scan (no credit card

               required)Diagnoses and partially removes certain files. After the free scan,

               you can activate the PC cleaning software by purchasing a code online. You can

              download the software immediately, and installation takes just a few

              minutes.ALL YOU need is a broadband connection (not dial-up) to use Smart

              Tech Solutionz.

Q4.  What do you provide in computer technical support ?

Ans :-

                     Computer technical support In This We Provide You Free Tune up,Free Clean up

             &  Free Optimization Of your Computer After Every One Month.All The 

             Updates From Microsoft Will Be Done.You Will See The Difference In The

             Performance Of Your Computer Once Your Computer Will Be Serviced By Our

             Experts.Users Can Receive Computer Technical Support , By Phone Or

             Online.And Also We Help Customers With Their Computers,Tablets,Cell phones

             And Other Electronic Devices by Providing.

  •     Diagnostic services

  •     Troubleshooting

  •     Maintenance

  •     Repairs.

Q5.    What products can be covered by Technical Support?

Ans :-

          All products used on daily  basis  can be covered by Technical Support like

                Computers,Routers,Modems,Printers,i-;pads,Smart Phones or I phones etc.

Q6.    How long can I take Technical Support for a product?

Ans :-

       It depends on customers as it starts from 1 year and onwards till Life

               time.Life time plans saves money and time both.

Q7.    What is Spoofing ?

Ans :-

         Spoofing is when someone disguises an email address, sender name, phone 

            number, or website URL—often just by changing one letter, symbol, or

            number—to convince you that you are interacting with a trusted 

            source.For example, you might receive an email that looks like it’s from

            your boss, a company you’ve done business with, or even from someone in

            your family—but it actually isn’t.Criminals count on being able to 

            manipulate you into believing that these spoofed communications are real,

            which can lead you to download malicious software, send money, or disclose

            personal, financial, or other sensitive information.

Q8.    What is Phishing ?



        Computer viruses and spyware.

Q9.   What's the difference between a virus and spyware?


                        Both are considered malicious software, or "malware." Both can steal

                 information and cause havoc with the   performance of a computer.A virus

                 wants to infect your computer and spread to as many other computers as

                 possible.Viruses are sometimes created to cause a major stir, or to bring

                 attention to the creator, as they can deny service to websites and erase

                 important file systems. Other viruses may send out spam emails or fake social

                 media posts in your name that contain links that can infect others.Where as

                 Spyware tends to be a more common issue for personal computers. It generally

                 wants your computer to keep working so it can embed itself and track your

                 usage or get you to visit specific websites through pop-up ads.There is also

                 something more vicious called ransomware that can lock you out of your

                 computer or important files until you pay a sum of money.

Q10. How do computers get viruses or pyware?

Ans :-

                   Typically, they can enter when you download or install an infected program

                  or infected pirated music/movies/software, or through links and

                  attachments in emails. They can also enter when you get a random pop-up

                  window saying you have a virus, and you click on the Get Help Now link.

Q11.   How do I know if my computer has a virus?


           If you don't have antivirus software, you may not even realize you have a virus.

           Viruses usually embed themselves deeply in your computer, and if they are

           sending out spam in your name,you'll have to be notified by friends to realize

           what's going on. Other viruses will slow or disrupt your computer's performance

           in unusual ways, or lock you out from accessing certain files. Spyware can

           often appear  as constant, unwanted pop-ups, even when you're not browsing

           the internet.You may notice that settings have changed and you're unable to

           change them back, or you may see new components in your browser that you

           never downloaded. You may also experience slow or unusual computer     

           performance, including frequent error pages and crashes.Having updated

           antivirus and spyware software on your computer is critical to avoiding these

           kinds of infections. The software can alert you when it detects or blocks a Intially

          dangerous file, software or website. It can also keep your system healthy by 

          scanning for malware and removing it.

Q12. What if my Issue is not resolved ?What about the money i paid?


         If your issue is not resolved than it depends upon the situation.If Issue is not

           resolved due to Us Than if we have charged you than your money will be refunded

           to your account for which we have to follow the procedure and if problems is at

           your end than you need to first resolve the problem which will be explained to you

           and after that the Issue will be resolved.So don't worry your money is totally

           safe.Usually we do not charge before solving the issue.Solving the problem that is


 Q13    What Is a Cyber Security Threat?

Ans :-

         A cyber security threat refers to any possible malicious attack that seeks to

         unlawfully access data, disrupt digital operations or damage information. Cyber

         threats can originate from various actors, including corporate spies, hacktivists,

         terrorist groups, hostile nation-states, criminal organizations, lone hackers and

         disgruntled employees.In recent years, numerous high-profile cyber attacks have

         resulted in sensitive data being exposed. For example, the 2017 Equifax breach

         compromised the personal data of roughly 143 million consumers, including birth

         dates, addresses and Social Security numbers. In 2018, Marriott International

         disclosed that hackers accessed its servers and stole the data of roughly 500 million

         customers. In both instances, the cyber security threat was enabled by the

         organization’s failure to implement, test and retest technical safeguards, such as

         encryption, authentication and firewalls. Cyber attackers can use an individual’s or

         a company’s sensitive data to steal information or gain access to their financial

         accounts, among other potentially damaging actions, which is why cyber security

         professionals are essential for keeping private data protected.

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