Computer Support :-

Computer Support Is Provided By A Computer Repair/Support Technician or Similar Service Provider. Assistance Ranges From General Operations Of A Computer and its Related Software, Hardware or Network issues.
In This We Provide You
Free Tune up,Free Clean up &
Free Optimization Of your Computer After Every One Month.All The Updates From Microsoft Will Be Done.
You Will See The Difference In The Performance Of Your Computer Once Your Computer Will Be Serviced By Our Experts.
Bug-Blocker :-

Blocker Is Infection Which Attacks The Hardware Of The Devices.Hardware Like - Ram, CPU , Motherboard,HDD Etc are Attacked By Bugs Online And Destroy The Hardware Of The Devices And Once Hardware Gets Infected it Ends Up In Lost Of Our Data And Our Credential Information Will Be At Risk.So Lets Get Connected And Find out Bugs And Kill Them Before Our Devices Gets Infected.
Virus Scan :-
As Now a Days Every One Of Us Browse So Many Websites Like Movies sites,Gaming sites,Social Networking Sites etc.And Our Devices Get  Infected From These Kind Of Websites.So We Make Sure By Putting A Best Anti Virus According to the Configuration of your Device it Will Be Totally Secure Against All kind of Viruses or Trojan wares.No Matter What Kind of Websites You Browse.
Spy Ware :-

Spyware Is A Type Of Malicious Software That Is Installed On A Computing Device Without The End User's Knowledge.It Invades The Device,Steals Sensitive Information and Internet Usage Data, and Relays It To Advertisers,Data Firms or External Users.

So After Checking All The Loop Holes Our Experts Will Get The Protection According To Your Requirement.

Ransomware Protection :-

Ransomware Is A Specific and Extremely Harmful Type of Malware used by Cyber -Criminals to Extort Money From Individuals, Organizations, and Businesses. The Infections Block Access to Your Data Until You Make Ransom Payment,At Which Point You’re Supposed To Regain Access.
In Reality,Nearly 40% Of The Victims Who Pay The Ransom Never Get Their Data Back And 73% of Those That Pay Are Targeted Again Later – Which Is Why Everyone Must Protect Against Ransomware.
Data Recovery :-

In computing, data recovery is a process of salvaging inaccessible, lost, corrupted, damaged or formatted data from secondary storage, removable media or files, when the data stored in them cannot be accessed in a usual way.We recover all lost data from any storage device. No need to pay if data not found! Recover an Unlimited Amount of Data. Recover Your Photos, Videos, Audio, Documents from All Type of Data Loss Situations. HDD Recovery From Any Make, Model, Brand or Operating System.So Call Us Now.

  • We service your computer and do all kind of required updates